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Our Process

In PIE there are no scripts. We enable creative business-building.

Talented startups come to PIE to learn, grow, and quickly conquer obstacles. We pair them with the mentors they need, when they need them, to solve their unique business challenges.

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What the hell does an ad agency know about startups?

Well, we've been doing this awhile. Wieden+Kennedy helps PIE startups shape their brands and tell their stories. And sometimes W+K partners with startups to tell brand stories in new ways.

Little Bird Little Bird

From Plexus Engine to Little Bird

Plexus Engine was a technologically centric name, yet in actuality they provided services for an audience who didn't need to know how it all worked. By establishing their brand's core characteristics and positioning in the market we were able to successfully rebrand Plexus Engine to Little Bird.

Athlete Path Athlete Path

A new look, a new brand

Athletepath built a technology to help amateur athletes track their race performances, attracting the attention of race directors around the world. But their identity system lacked distinctive brand identity and personality. We created a library of characters for use in conjunction with the Athletepath mark that captured the ethos of the company and made competitors look like also-rans.

Our Mentors

In addition to mentors and thought leaders from leading brands and W+K, PIE has attracted some of the most inspiring thinkers in technology and business today. Our mentors are veterans with experience in all stages of business, from incubating, accelerating, fundraising, growing, sustaining, exiting — to crashing and burning. You can’t change the world without risking failure, but our mentors are there to make sure you're taking new risks — not repeating old mistakes. View their profiles on AngelList.

The Startups

In six years, PIE has been the launchpad for a variety of successful startups. Here are just two:


" for the Cloud." Cloudability lets you see all your cloud spending in one place. Cost and usage data is aggregated from multiple platforms, improving cloud spend efficiency, eliminating unexpected overages and providing an enterprise-wide view of costs.


Testing apps takes 100s of devices and days to be effective. AppThwack solves this problem by automatically testing apps in parallel on real, non-emulated devices and producing detailed reports in about five minutes for a fraction of the cost.

Since 2009, PIE has helped host, accelerate, and mentor more than 40 startups. Each of these companies remains connected to the program as part of our mentor network.

Class of 2014:

The Space

We are located in Portland, Oregon which boasts more microbreweries, restaurants, food carts, batch distilleries, mobile startups, and open source user groups per capita than any city in the world. Some call it the most entrepreneurial city, ever. It's determined to be the most green, friendly, sustainable, bike commutable, soccer loving, and livable town you'll ever encounter. And if that's not good enough for you, it's 90 minutes from the ocean and year-round skiing and snowboarding.

But most importantly, it's the best place in the world for you to bust ass and turn your startup dream into a reality.


What You Get: $20,000 financing. Three months in the accelerator program, plus an additional six months rent-free in our downtown Portland workspace.

You’ll have access to the other startups-in-residence, successful alumni, Wieden+Kennedy’s top creative minds, investors, hundreds of mentors, and usually, really good food and beer.

Applications are only open once a year. So if you're interested in staying in touch or applying later, please sign up for updates.

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